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Golf Modular Corner Sofa

Golf Modular Corner Sofa
Golf Modular Corner Sofa
Golf Modular Corner Sofa
Golf Modular Corner Sofa
Golf Modular Corner Sofa
Golf Modular Corner Sofa
Golf Modular Corner Sofa
Golf Modular Corner Sofa
Golf Modular Corner Sofa
Golf Modular Corner Sofa

Product features

Team Content: It consists of 1 Corner Set (1 Arm Relax Module, 3 Middle Module, 1 Corner Module, 1 Music Console, 1 Rest Mechanism Arm Module).

Fabric Content: Imported nubuck derived fabric

Fabric Care / Cleaning Recommendation Can be wiped with a slightly damp soapy cloth. (Without chemical substance)

Skeleton Material: The skeleton of the product is made of baked hornbeam wood.Team Care Remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner. Never use bleach and detergent. Wipe the stained area with wet cloth using pure soap and rinse with water. If necessary, you can dry it with a hair dryer without getting too close.

Session Softness: Soft

Session Mat Material: Sponge Feature 36 density HR sponge is used. The seat cushion is fixed.

Functionality: The Music Console has USB, Bluetooth, Aux inputs and lighting system. The arm module can turn into a father's seat with the rest mechanism.

Bed Mechanism: There is no bed feature.

Disassembled Parts: You can combine the modules as you wish or use them in separate areas.

Foot Material: wood

Leg Color Options: walnut

Additional Information: Pillows are included.

Foot height is 5.5cm, session height is 42cm.

Product Dimensions:

Height Width Depth

Corner Sofa 350 * 330 cm 125 cm 92 cm

Relax Module 92 cm 125 cm 92 cm

Middle Module 78 cm 90 cm 92 cm

Corner Module 102 cm 102 cm 92 cm

Music Console 45 cm 90 cm 78 cm

Sleeve Module 102 cm 90 cm 92 cm

The product is delivered unassembled. All the parts you need are shipped with the installation scheme for you to easily install. Delivery prices by provinces
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Golf Modular Corner Sofa
  • Stock: 1
  • Model: Golf Modüler Köşe Koltuk-1
  • Dimensions: 310.00cm x 280.00cm x 92.00cm

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